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This site presents a view into the State of Nevada's mining past, as well as a view of its present day rugged beauty. Since eighty six percent of the state is government owned property, mainly controlled by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a large portion of Nevada is vast unpopulated expanses of desert and mountains. Although one can drive what seems to be endless miles and see nothing but sparse desert and barren mountains, there is scenic beauty if one looks closely and appreciates the beauty of the desert.
Did you know that Nevada has more mountain ranges (314) than any state in the United States? Nevada also has the most hot springs of any state (312), with geo thermal activity bubbling under its desert crust in every county. These hot springs range from comfortably warm spa-like to lobster boiling hot.

I am a retired naval officer and photographer that primarily specializes in photographing old ghost towns, mining camps, and southwest desert scenery. This site is a sampling of my photos.

Nevada has over 600 ghost towns and mining camps, many of which little remains but a few concrete slabs and crumbling rock walls. A few are still inhabited and classified as "living ghost towns." As the ore veins played out, and because of the scarcity of wood, many of the mining camps and town sites were dismantled and moved to the next discovery, leaving behind in some cases no visible remaining site markings. Unfortunately, many have also been dismantled by scavengers and destroyed by vandals. The state is pockmarked with thousands of old mines (estimated to be over 500,000), with an ongoing program by the BLM to seal them up. Some ghost towns are located within the Nellis Air Force Range and are inaccessible. Some are located on private land and can only be accessed by special permission, or not at all. With the rising prices for gold and silver, an increasing number of these sites are being fenced and posted "No Trespassing" and some are renewing mining activities.

To date, I have explored and photographed over a 150 of Nevada's ghost towns and mining camps, and have an ongoing list of around 150 more to visit. I have also explored and photographed a few of the ghost towns and old mines in California and Arizona, as well as photographed the desert scenery throughout our great southwest. I hope you enjoy your visit to my web site. If you could leave a comment in my guest book after your visit, it would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in purchasing a print, print on canvas, framed print, coffee mug, calendar, T-shirt, or other merchandise with one of my prints on it, please visit my on-line photo gallery at WarrenWillisPhotography.com.

UPDATE: I have not done much exploring of Nevada ghost towns and mining camps for the past couple of years, or so as I have been devoting most of my spare time developing a rural off-grid 20-acre property in Utah. The wife and I just recently sold our residence in Las Vegas NV, and are now settling in on the new Utah property. In the near future, we hope to include old ghost towns and mines of Utah.


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