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Located in a mountainous region known as the Savage Basin (on Imogene Pass Road), the settlement was originally named "Savage Basin Camp". The Tomboy Mine was located nearby and began producing gold ore in 1894. Eventually the settlement became known at Tomboy.

A stagecoach carrying passengers and mail would pass daily through Tomboy. Tomboy had a store, school, stable, and cabins for the miners. Unusual for an 1800s mining town, Tomboy had a YMCA and tennis courts. Tomboy also had a "social tunnel" along Tomboy Road where miners would meet women from nearby Telluride.

The mine was sold for $2 million to the Rothschilds of London in 1897. Between 1908 and 1914, zinc was milled in Tomboy. The mine operated until 1928, though work in the mine tunnel continued until 1978. Remnants of Tomboy can be accessed by hikers or by four-wheel drive vehicles.

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