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Below are some Before and After photos of the house and 20-acre property we are developing in the foothills of SW Utah. The property is off-grid, and at an elevation of 5840'. We sold our Las Vegas home on May 22, 2014, after only 4 days on the market, and have since relocated to this property. Our son, and his wife, will build on the property after retiring in approximately 2-3 years.

September 14, 2014

[Left Photo] A Google Map satelite view of the 20-acre parcel taken circa 2007 (and pretty much what it looked like when we bought the property in March 2013). The County Road is actually a private road, maintained by the residents.

[Right Photo] An updated Google Map satelite view of the 20-acre parcel taken circa July 2013, just before the gravel spread was completed and the patio awning cover was installed over the wood deck.

BEFORE (March 2013) - Property looking south up the 500-foot driveway at the house, at the time of purchase (it was after a snow melt and the driveway was slick gooey mud).

AFTER (Sept 2013) - Looking up the driveway to the house, after laying 15-dump loads of gravel. This gravel is unique in that it was recycled and recrushed mine tailings from an old iron mine a couple miles away. It works great because as it gets wet, and it is driven over more and more, it turns to concrete like.

BEFORE (March 2013) - Looking north, down the driveway from the house before the gravel was spread. When this dirt gets wet, it gets real slick and sticky (and it was slick and nasty when this was taken).

AFTER (Sept 2013) - Looking north, down the driveway after the gravel spread. New garage/shop building on the right.

AFTER (August 2013) - 36' W x 30' D x 12' H (walls) metal garage/shop building with added 10-foot by 36-foot storage loft.

BEFORE (March 2013) - House (2006 Nashua 48' x 26' 1248 sq ft manufactured home built and insulated for Zone 5 weather- never lived in, and never had water applied to house. The plastic was still in place on all the doors, and the appliances still had the manufacturing tape and plastic on them (all appliances, except gas range, have since been replaced). Limited power was applied at one time by portable generator.

AFTER (July 2013) - Added redwood deck along two sides of the house and a 110mph rated patio cover (with screen). New storm doors were added to both doors. A metal carport Cover will be installed on cement slab some time after move-in.

NOW - Sept 14, 2014 - Carport, with small storage (5'x20') shed in place. Wheelchair ramp added to end of deck for easy access.

NOW - Sept 14, 2014 - Panorama view.

NOW - Sept 14, 2014 - Carport and a new 48-foot long (10 feet wide) awning installed on right side of house.

NOW - Feb. 18, 2015 - Carport has now been converted to a two car garage.

NOW - Sept 14, 2014 - 15 yards of red rock has been spread around three sides of the house. So, now we can walk around the whole exterior of the house without stepping on the sticky gooey wet clay dirt after a rain storm or snow melt.

NOW - Sept 14, 2014 - New awning on west side of house. The structure on the left end is an outdoors cooking station. A barbeque, two-burner propane stove, and dutch oven cooking table are protected from the wind and evening sun. Originally, I had it on the right end, but the wind coming out of the south and southeast became too much, so I moved it to where it was protected by the house more, and then added wind break walls on each side. I have taken up outside dutch oven cooking as a new hobby.

NOW - Sept. 14, 2014. New west side awning.

AFTER (August 2013) - Looking up at the house from below. Remote electric operated sun screen in down position on rear deck.

NOW - Sept 14, 2014 - Awning addition on left side, and new carport with storage shed on right.

NOW - Sept. 14, 2014

NOW - Sept 14, 2014

Beautiful sunset.

Spectacular sunrise - Oct. 15, 2014

Lots of stars at night.

City lights

AFTER (July 2013) - Front deck, with deck storage box.

AFTER (July 2013) - Rear deck.

(No New Photos)

AFTER (Oct 2013) - Installed Mobile Home Certified Wood stove (rated to heat 2000 sq ft) in living rm. Wood laminate flooring (Stressed Hickory) has replaced carpeting in living room, as well as computer room and hallway. A ceiling fan was installed, and more will be installed in the bedrooms and computer room later. The sub-flooring was ripped up in three places to fix some squeaky floor problems.

AFTER (Oct 2013) - Another view of living room. The couch (and chair) was left by the seller, and was replaced with two recliner loveseats (June 2014). Drapes and blinds (cinnamon colored) have been replaced on the windows. All lighting is LED bulbs for low current draw.

AFTER (Oct 2013) - View of living room, kitchen, and hallway.

AFTER (Oct 2013) - Kitchen. Refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, and faucet were replaced (June-July 2014).


BEFORE (March 2013) - Showing old 250-Gal LP tank and old water system tank (old water tank was full of algae and froze during winter). The seller installed a septic tank system, as well as drilling a 330' well, but for some reason had never opened the main water valve to the house. The property comes with 5 acre-feet of water rights (more than enough for two homes).

AFTER (May 2013) - New 1750 gal holding water tank (left) and aux. pump room (right) being installed underground. The aux pump was removed from the laundry room in the house and re-installed in the pump room, along with a 25-gal accumulator tank. The submersible pump in the well is electronically controlled to only pump water to the 1750 gallon cistern during solar peak hours to reduce current draw from batteries. The aux pump pumps water from the cistern to the house.

AFTER (May 2013) - New 1000 gal LP tank (background). Water system access covers for 1750 gal cistern & aux. pump room.

AFTER (May 2013) - Solar panel array (left) and water system access covers (cistern "left", and pump room "right").


BEFORE (March 2013) - Looking from the west up to the house before solar power system install.

AFTER (May 2013) - Power system install. All solar system electronics and battery bank installed in an insulated 8-foot by 20-foot conex box. A thermostatic controlled fan draws air through the box whenever the temp goes above 77-deg. Kohler LP gas powered back-up generator in foreground, which kicks in automatically when reaching a low voltage preset after several cloudy days.

NOW - April 30, 2014 - 1000 Gal. propane tank relocated.

AFTER (Dec 2013) - 15-panel 4Kw solar array. Photo taken after Dec. 3, 2013 monster snow storm. I had not realigned the array to compensate for snow accumulation, thus the pile of snow in the forground that I had to remove before re-positioning the array with a sharper vertical angle.


Wild Turkeys are frequent visitors on the property.

Pronghorn Antelope (Buck) on the property.

Another Pronghorn Antelope (Buck & Doe) on the property.

Mule Deer are regular visitors on the property.

More Mule Deer.

Herd of 11 deer, with at least two bucks in the SW corner of property.

More deer.

Deer and wild turkeys together early in the morning.

Jackrabbit (or Hare). Many are present on the property. Hopefully when we get a dog, or two, they'll start disappearing.

A Badger den found down on the southwest corner of property. I have since filled it in.

Great Basin lizard.

Rock Squirrel

Wild Turkey.

April 2014 - Looking up at the house from SE corner of property. Neighbor is a nuclear engineer who works in NM (we've never seen him).

(December 3, 2013)

What I woke up to on Dec. 4, 2013 - 12-inches of snow! A record for this date. Neighbors tell me that they had never seen this much snow at one time (it usually only snows about 4-6 inches at a time). I drove up the night before in a blizzard, using 4WD. They ended up closing I-15 a few minutes after I drove through as they had 22 accidents. Temperature was 13 below zero in town (12 miles away). I measured 3 below zero at the property, but that was well after dawn.

A winter wonderland.

I have a snow plow attachment for the ATV, as well as an 18-inch cordless snow blower. I did not use either of them during this visit as I was able to drive up and down the driveway later just using 4WD.

Critter tracks in the snow. Deer, rabbits, fox, and what I believe to be a skunk, and I don't know what all. Tracks were all over the property.

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