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The Latham Mine, later renamed Kille Mine, was discovered in 1869 by W.B. Latham.. It was the first mine discovered in the district. The lead-silver ore good enough to start a small rush of prospectors and investers to the area. By 1870, close to 100 men were working various claims around Spruce Mountain. In 1871, Latham (and his three partners) sold their claim to Crawford and Company of Philadelphia for $30,000.

To learn more about the Spruce Mountain Mining District, click on this link Spruce Mountain. This article from Shawn Hall's web site is the most extensive and best that I have read about this area.

Click on the links below to view photos of other Mines/Townsites that I have visited in the Sprucemont Mining District:

Ada H. Mine

Badger Lead Mine

Black Forest Mine


Monarch Mine


Loading dock

Mine shaft is caved in.

Looking up at the Latham (Kille) Mine part way up the hill and Spruce Mountain.

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