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Gold was discovered at the Illinois mine in 1874, and the Lodi District was organized early next year. A ten-ton smelter was built and by 1878 the camp contained a general store, blacksmith shop, saloon, boardinghouse, stone dwellings, and a population around 100. After producing about $400,00 the Illinois mine ceased operations, around 1880, and the camp died.

The mine resumed operations in 1905 and the town was renamed Marble. In 1908, a Lodi townsite was laid out at Lodi Tanks. At the Illinois mine another townsite known as Bob was laid out. A new 100-ton smelter was built in 1909. Development of the mine was halted by water from 1914 to 1919. Some ore was again produced around 1940.

The road from Lodi to Quartz Mountain


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