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The Platina Mine as seen through a telephoto lens from the Boss Mine.

The Platina Mines Corporation owns claims in the N.E. 1/4 sec. (No. 29, pl. 30). The workings include two tunnels on the north side of a prominent spur south of the Boss Mine, and five short tunnels on the south side of the ridge. These workings explore beds of dolomitized Dawn limestone, which here trend northwest and dip 25 degrees SW. It is locally reported that one car of copper ore was shipped from the property during the period of activity of the Boss Mine, 1916-1918.

The lower tunnel with drifts is about 345 feet long but appears to have shown the presence of but little copper. In the upper tunnel, only 95 feet long, there is a stope about 15 by 35 feet, parallel to the bedding and 3 feet high. The material on the dump indicates that this stope yielded lenses of ferruginous chert around the border of which there were layers of malachite and chrysocolla. Some samples of material from this tunnel are said to have shown the presence of platinum, but this has not been confirmed.

Of the five tunnels south of the ridge the longest is about 100 feet and the dumps show little copper.

Source: Hewett’s USGS Professional Paper 162

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The Platina Mine as seen from the valley floor.







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