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The Red Cloud mine (No. 10, pl. 30) is located near the road to Wilson Pass, about 4 miles northwest of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The deposit was located by J.C. Armstrong in 1902. A little work was done between that year and 1904, but most of the present work was done between July 1905, and September 1907. Early in 1906 a small cyanide plant was installed and operated almost continuously until September 1907. The main shaft is vertical to a depth of 116 feet and is inclined at 65 degrees thence to the bottom, 300 feet below the collar. There are five levels; 34, 87, 136, 190, and 300 feet.

The mine was a small gold producer near the turn of the century and is typical of many of the older mines in the district. Several shafts and the remains of a small cyanide leach plant can still be seen on the property. Gold was mined from this mine.. Atypically, gold from this mine is not visible, but miners were able to rely on the presence of pyrite as an ore control. Examination of mine tailings reveals the presence of minor pyrite, copper carbonates, cinnabar and chert-like masses of silica. Total production of gold from this mine probably did not exceed $200,000.

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Cyanide plant ruins.

Cyanide plant ruins.




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