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Star mine, high on the ridge of the hill on the right .

The Evening Star (Star Prospect) claims (No. 57, pl. 30) lies along the sides of a ravine 0.3 miles southwest of the Houghton mine, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. There are two tunnels that explore small shoots of lead and zinc ore along a fault that trends northwest. On the south side of the gulch a 100-foot tunnel on the fault encounters sporadic nodules of galena. An 80-foot tunnel high on the ridge on the north side appears to have produced no ore of any value.

The workings have yielded a little lead and low-grade zinc ore.

Glossary of Terms

Note the remains of the ore cart rail system.

Adit has been sealed, probably dynamited.

Ore chute remains.

Nice view of the valley from the sealed tunnel entrance and tailings pile.

Tunnel No. 2.

Tunnel ends with a vertical shaft.

Vertical shaft.

It was an interesting hike down the steep slope from the high tunnel No. 1 on the ridge above.
Then, having to navigate underneath the ore chute to get down into the ravine.




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