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The original discovery was made in July 1867 by A. J. leathers and Thomas Murphy. Apparently, an Indian who wanted to apologize for sneaking into a miner's cabin and eating his leftovers, showed him where an outcropping of silver was, and it led to the discovery of the Hidden Treasue Mine.

Life was pretty tough here, at an altitude of over 9000 feet on top of Treasure Hill, the town took the brunt of icy winds that howled through the town. Deep snowdrifts would destroy buildings and blocked the roads.

At the town's peak in 1869, Treasure City had a newspaper "White Pine News," post office, stock exchange, Odd Fellows Lodges, the usual several saloons, a theater, and a Wells fargo office. Like many of these remote mining towns, prices were very high for goods. Due to the lack of good ore by 1870 most of the population had left the town. The business district was destroyed by fire in 1874 and would never be rebuilt.

By 1870, shallow veins, and excessive litigation brought the district into decline, and by 1870 most of the population had left for greener fields. By 1880 over 20 Million in silver had been recovered from Treasure Hill.

CAUTION: Many vertical shafts in the area


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