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The Addison mine (No. 73, pl. 30) is located in the Goodsprings Mining District, southeast of Sandy Valley, in Clark County. This mine was located in 1899 by Addison Bybee, and after several transfers it was sold to Jesse Knight of the Goodsprings Mining Company. This is a lead-zinc mine.

The workings of the Addison mine explore a zone of dolomitized limestone 150 feet thick which underlies the shaly Arrowhead limestone. The workings have yielded 15 to 20 cars (about 700 tons) of good-grade zinc ore and 4 cars (140 tons) of lead ore. Most of the ore has come from two stopes at the northeastern part of the lower tunnel.

Glossary of Terms

Lower tunnel, which is sealed.

Lower tunnel.

View from upper part of mine.

Higher adit that is open.




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