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Alice No. 2 shaft, high on the hill.

The Yellow Pine Extension mine (No. 15, pl. 30), also known as the Green Mountain or Alice from the names of two of the claims, lies half a mile south of the Yellow Pine mine, about 4 miles due west of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District of Clark County. The Alice mine was first located in 1892, but full scale production didn't start until 1909. Most of the ore has come from a shaft about 680 feet deep having an average incline just over 21 degrees. The collar of the shaft lies at the end of a tunnel 165 feet long. The depth attained is 230 feet vertically below the tunnel, but it is only 160 feet below the ravine west of the mine. No info is available about the Alice No. 2 shaft. Two other exploratory inclined shafts have been sunk 700, and 1,200 feet north of the main tunnel. These are 200 and 160 feet deep, respectively.

Total production has been around, 3,000 tons of mostly zinc ore. Some lead and copper ore has also been produced. Gross value of the output is estimated at $100,000.

Glossary of Terms

Ore chute at Alice shaft No. 2.

Alice shaft No. 2.

This adit is Alice No. 2 shaft, and it has been sealed.

View from Alice shaft No. 2.

Lichen growing on the rocks.

Alice shaft No. 1, at the base of the hill.

Alice No. 1 shaft.
Alice No. 2 shaft is higher up on the hill in the background.




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