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It is an arduous, steep, and treacherous climb up to the mine.

The Anchor mine (No. 62, pl. 30) is near the head of a deep gulch about 6 miles due south of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The mine workings lie 400 feet above the bottom the gulch and are accessible only by trail. At onetime, the mine was accessible by a tramway from the Anchor mill 2,000 feet to the east. Although the Monitor claim was located in 1893, all the workings are on the Anchor claim, located in 1897. One car of lead ore was shipped in 1908, but the principal activity on the property began in 1914, when it was sold by S.E. Yount and George Fayle to the Goodsprings Anchor Company of Los Angeles CA, at a price reported to have been $30,000. The company operated from 1914 to 1919, the interval of greatest productivity. The company ceased operations in 1919. During the years 1919-21 the ground was leased by Frederickson and Egger, and in 1922 the lease passed to J.J. and J.H. Smith. Operations by the Smith brothers continued until February 1932, and after closing the mine for lack of a market, they bought the property. It lay idle until until June 1942, when the Diamond Gold Mining Company acquired an option. From that time the mine operated until the summer of 1944, and has been idle since.

The main shaft, inclined west at 39 degrees, is about normal to the profile of the steep hillside. Levels leave the shaft at altitudes 43, 84, and 125 feet below the collar. From the third level a winze leads downward at an average slope of 29 degrees to the short fourth level which is the deepest part of the mine, 223 feet below the collar of the shaft. At the south end of this level a crooked raise has been driven westward for 270 feet at an average inclination of 50 degrees. A short tunnel opens south of the hoist at the altitude of the first level underground.

Total production of this mine is estimated to be in excess of 15,000 tons of crude ore of mostly lead and zinc.

Glossary of Terms

Tram tower for the wire rope tramway down to the mill.

Tram tower

Ore chute


Tram way hoist

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