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Argentena Mill

The Argentena Mine has been an intermittent producer of lead-zinc-silver ore since 1926. The Mine and Mill is located in the Goodsprings Mining District, SW of Goodsprings, in Clark County. The property was owned by the Argentena Consolidated Mining Company.

Extensive mine workings have been developed since 1926 on the Galena and Ruby Silver claims, located in 1887 by A.S. Campbell and A.E. Thomas. It is reported that several carloads of rich lead ore was produced prior to 1926 from the Sunshine workings. The present company was formed in 1927 and initiated an aggressive development programs as well as construction of a 60-ton flotation-gravity mill, a pipeline and power line from Goodsprings, and an aerial tramway. The mill proved to be a failure and, because of lack of market for a direct shipping ore, the mine was closed or operated sporadically from 1931 to 1942. In 1943 the mine was reopened, and ore was shipped to the Metals Reserve Company stock pile at Jean, NV. This stock pile closed in June 1944, and ore from the mine has since been shipped to the International Smelting & refining Co's smelter at Salt Lake City, UT. The mine was closed in July 1946 because of the removal of premium payments for lead and zinc. A few tons of vanadium ore has been produced in recent years, and a Metals Reserve Company vanadium stock pile is near the Argentena Mill.

The Argentena Mine is on a ridge at the eastern flank of Table Mountain at an altitude of 4,650 to 4,900 feet. The ore was lowered approximately 1,000 feet elevation to the mill by aerial tramway. The aerial tramway was 2,800 feet long with nineteen buckets with a total capacity of 25-tons per hour. All ore produced came from four levels of stopes, with drifts extending for 1,200 feet along the strike.

Glossary of Terms

Tram ore transport bucket

Old Tram Tower

Explosives Storeroom?

The inscription on the grave marker reads "In Memory of Max - Man's Best Friend."
Max's owner obviously thought a lot of him.
Will Rogers once said "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

The view of the valley from the Argentena mine on Table Mountain

Goodsprings, in the distance as seen from Table Mountain

Remains of the tram loading dock

Tram loading dock

Collapsed Tram Towers

Tailing piles about a 1000 yards over the hill from Tram loading dock.

I believe this is the sealed adit for the shaft that pops out near the Tram loading dock (about a 1000 yards through the mountain).




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