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Azurite Mine

The Azurite group of claims (No. 30, pl. 30) lies along the north slope of a high ridge that extends west from the Whale to the Boss mine, in the Goodspring Mining District, in Clark County. The Azurite claim was located in 1899 by W.H. Smith and C.W. Cook, and most of the other claims prior to 1903. The first work was done by the Nevada Mining and Smelting Co., which is reported to have shipped two cars of copper ore prior to 1902. The Nevada Copper Co. was organized in 1902, and, although it did considerable work, shipped only one car of ore before the Azurite Mining Co. was organized in 1911. From 1916 and 1917 most work was done by lessees.

The workings on the Azurite claim include a main tunnel 260 feet long that trends generally southwest from a point 250 feet above the floor of Shenandoah Gulch. The ore from this claim came from two blind levels, 12 and 35 feet higher. On the Gulch claim, below the Azurite, there is a shaft inclined at 30 degrees for 50 feet, then vertical for a 120 feet , but this is not accessible. On the Rosella claim, there is a lower tunnel 390 feet long, which developed no ore, and an upper tunnel 200 feet higher and 50 feet long, at the end of which there is a 40 foot inclined shaft. This claim yielded all the lead and zinc ore that has been shipped. Copper ore was the main ore shipped from this mine. Lead and zinc were secondary ores shipped, with some gold and silver ore.

Glossary of Terms

Lower, middle, and top shafts.

Looking down into Sandy Valley from the mine.

Middle shaft.

Middle shaft.

Middle shaft. Note the missing rail, thieves removed this rail, among others.

Lower shaft. The vertical shaft (on left)
kept me from exploring this shaft any further.

The following six photos were taken while exploring the middle shaft.

Top shaft.

Helicopter transporting equip to new drilling platform high up on the ridge.

Top shaft. Note the copper ore in the walls.

Top shaft.

Looking down on the gravel quarry below the mine.

Note the tracks of the stolen rails.

This was at the base of the hill, below the Azurite mine. I'm not sure what it is for.




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