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The Black Rock Desert is an arid region in the northern Nevada section of the Great Basin with a lake bed that is a dry remnant of Pleistocene Lake Lahontan. The region is notable for its paleogeologic features, as an area of 19th-century Emigrant Trails to California, and as a venue for rocketry and land speed records (Mach 1.02 in 1997). It is also the location Burning Man is held at annually. Burning Man is a week-long event that begins before Labor Day and ends on the holiday itself. Although most patrons camp out for the festival some find hotel deals in the area.

The Black Rock Desert region is in northwestern Nevada and the northwestern Great Basin. The playa extends for approximately 100 mi (160 km) northeast from the towns of Gerlach and Empire, between the Jackson Mountains to the east and the Calico Mountains to the west. The Black Rock Desert is separated into two arms by the Black Rock Range. It lies at an elevation of 3,907 ft and has an area of about 1,000 sq mi. If visiting the area there are plenty of cheap hotels to choose from.

"When the Payment Ends, the Experience Begins" is the motto of The Friends of Black Rock / High Rock, an organization that is devoted to managing the resources of the Black Rock Desert region and educating the public in it's preservation. I belong to this organization and if you are interested in what they do, or want to join, their web site is It was through this organization that I was able to get an opportunity to photograph the Fly Geyser.

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