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It is a pretty steep climb up to the mine, as it is to all of the mines in this area.

The Bullion mine (No. 61, pl. 30) lies near the top of a prominent spur that extends eastward from the range toward Porter Wash, 5 miles due south of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The mine was located in 1900 by W.H. Smith, and was sold to S.E. Yount and George Fayle in 1912 for $3,000. They built a mill in 1913 and sold it in 1916 to the Bullion Mining Company in Salt Lake City UT. Most of the production was from 1913 to 1927, and has been pretty much idle since. Total production is estimated to be around 3,870 tons of crude ore.

The workings include north and south tunnels, which lead directly into a maze of stopes that may be followed downward and westward to their lower termination along the second level. From the north tunnel a winze inclined at an average of 27 degrees and bearing north-northwest connects with a level about 100 feet lower than the tunnel. Below the second level the main shaft, which was largely destroyed in the course of mining at higher levels, steepens and continues westward at an inclination near 68 degrees. It connects with three short levels, the lowest of which is 60 feet below the second level and about 115 feet below the portal of the north tunnel.

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