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Photos Have Been Removed Per Mine Owners request


The Chiquita claim (No. 21, pl. 30) lies about 3,000 feet west of the Keystone mine, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. Most of the work in this claim has been done in two tunnels and a shaft near the top of a low knoll. A mill was constructed at the mine site in 1936. A severe thunderstorm in August of 1936 damaged the mill and washed away a large amount of ore, causing about $40,000 in damages.

Boxxer Gold Corp. out of Yellowknife NWT, Canada has bought the right to commence mining operations at the Chiquita claim. Boxxer has also bought up the mining rights to the Boss Mine and Crystal Pass claims. They intend to mine for lead, zinc, gold, and copper.

I have recently been informed by the owner that the property is posted, so enter at your own risk.

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