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Copper Flower mine high on the hill.

The Copper Flower mine (Copper Flower Quartz mine; Vanadium Wedge mine; Last Chance mine) is located about a half mile up a draw southeast of the Hoodoo mine in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The only info on this mine that I have been able to find is a mention in a government report (under the Vanadium Wedge mine name) on uranium deposits and mining in Nevada. The report states that the mine has a 120 foot tunnel and two very small stopes (for copper). The main minerals produced from this mine was copper and uranium.

No history or production numbers have been found on this mine.

Glossary of Terms

The only adit is sealed.

Copper ore

Looking back down the draw to the Hoodoo mine. The Spelter mine can be seen in the distance on the hillside.

Trail up to the mine.

Another sealed mine adit across the draw and high up on a ridge.




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