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The “Fly Geyser” is so named because it resides on the Fly Ranch, about 20 miles north of Gerlach NV. It is on private property with a caretaker guarding the area - the owner no longer provides access for public tours.

The plumes of hot water that continuously spew about five feet into the air can be seen from miles away.

The Fly Geyser isn’t exactly a creation of Mother Nature. The story goes that the geyser was created in 1964 after a rancher drilled a well at the site. The well was either left uncapped or was improperly plugged leaving a weak spot for the boiling hot water to erupt from the well hole. The green and red coloring on the mounds is thermophilic algae.




The Fly Geyser as seen from the road using a Canon EF 70-400mm zoom lens.


When I did this photo shoot (above), I was only given a 15-minute window to take as many photographs as I could. Therefore, I only had time to photograph the geyser from one angle.

During Memorial Day weekend (2011), I was given a rare opportunity to photograph the geyser once again, only this time I was given a 2-hour window. The local weather conditions were not the best. A storm front was moving in, so it was about 75% - 80% cloud cover with on and off rain showers. In addition, with temperatures in the low to mid 40s, and high humidity, there was a lot of steam rising from the geyser and surrounding pools. The following photographs are not of the brilliant color quality of the above photographs, but they will give you another view of what the whole geyser looks like from various viewing angles.

A smaller geyser mound nearby.

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