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The main shaft which is a vertical shaft.

The Golden Chariot claim (No. 24, pl. 30) lies half a mile west of the Keystone mine, in the Goodsprings Mining District, northwest of Goodsprings, in Clark County. The principal exploration is a tunnel that trends generally southeast for about 200 feet. The workings explore several iron-stained shear zones. Several hundred tons of material from the stopes has been milled at the Keystone mill, and the value of the gold recovered is variously reported at $20 to $40 a ton. In 1916 Harvey Hardy, of Goodsprings, shipped about 13 tons of copper-bearing ore from this claim.

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It is a pretty steep hike up to the top of this mountain where the Golden Chariot claim resides.

The view looking to the southwest.

The view looking to the southeast.




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