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The Ingomar and Milford No. 2 mines are located in the Goodsprings Mining District, southeast of Sandy Valley, in Clark County. They cover areas high on the crest of the ridge east of the Milford mine. Most of the workings are on the crest, 800' to 1000' feet above the near-by valleys. They are accessible only by rugged trails, and on both sides of the ridge aerial tramways have been constructed from the principle tunnels to ore bins in the valleys. The Ingomar claim (No. 72, pl. 30) was first located about 1884 by Jonas Taylor and was relocated several times before 1904, when D. W. Johnson undertook to mine ore. In 1915 it was sold to S. S. Arentz and W. A. Perkins for around $8,500. These owners worked the property until February 1919, and it was idle until May 1923. The Milford No. 2 claim (No. 71, pl. 30) was located in 1904 by Jesse Jones, but most of the present work was done after it was bought by Arentz. Total production of the Milford No. 2 is about 450 tons, mostly lead ore, whereas that of the Ingomar mine is about 4,030 tons, largely zinc and mixed lead-zinc ore.

The principle workings of the Ingomar claim are three tunnels whose total length is about 1000 feet. The principal tunnel on the Milford No. 2 claim is 450 feet long from which ore has been mined from three small stopes. During 1924 and 1925 G. L. McIntyre mined mixed lead and zinc ore from a tunnel 700 feet southeast of this 450 foot tunnel.

Glossary of Terms

Aerial tramway cable travels about a 1000 yards up to another adit near the top of the mountain.

Upper adit and ore transfer station - this is where the aerial tramway cable is terminated.

Lowest adit, which is sealed.

Photo shot through steel cage door of lower adit.

A higher adit that is still open.

A winze down to what appears to be another level.

Ore chute.


Vertical shaft, or winze.

Another winze.




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