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One of four of the Kirby mining claims.

The Kirby group of four claims lies at the head of Kirby Wash, about 5-1/2 miles west of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. These claims were among the first to be located in the district, the May claim, which contains most of the development, having been located by Eugene Desty and John A. Kirby in October 1887. The John claim, which contains two shafts, the Black Lime, which contains several tunnels, and the Desty were located about that time by A.G. Campbell. Later Campbell acquired the May claim and in the early 90s shipped lead ore to Barnwell. The Kirby mine was therefore the second to ship lead ore out of the district.

Most of the development work, however, was done during the war by lessees. After four years of idleness the mine was reopened in 1924 and shipments were made by A.O. Jacobsen. The principal workings include the inclined shaft on the May claim, 235 feet deep. There are three levels, 79, 116, and 169 feet vertically below the surface, but the deepest work, 211 feet below the surfaceis at the bottom of 110-foot winze from the second level.

Total production is estimated at 65 cars of ore, or about 2,000 tons.

Glossary of Terms

Main shaft, with lots of trash.

Looking up Kirby Wash at part of the Kirby mining claim.

Another part of the Kirby mining claim - may be the May claim.

Sealed vertical shaft.

Upper part of the Kirby mining claim.

Vertical shaft - this may be the John claim.

Four desert bighorn sheep on hilltop. All ewes, as the rams are hiding because it is hunting season.

Another shaft up the next wash, near the Kirby mine.

Shaft adit is sealed.

BLM classification number.




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