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Metallic City, is located only a half mile southeast of Candelaria.  It is located in the upper end of Pickhandle Gulch, and once was named Pickhandle Gulch in 1876.  In 1879, the residents changed the name to Metallic City.  In 1880 the townsite population was around 300, and the town was comprised of a store, barbershop, five saloons, drugstore, and a post office.  By 1881 the population declined to 100, and after Candelaria declined a few years later, Metallic City was deserted.


This is the upper end of Pickhandle Gulch, but I found no ruins. There is a locked gate up around the bend and any ruins may be beyond that fence, or they were obliterated later by the huge mine that lies beyond that fence. Candelaria is just over that hill in the background.


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