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The Milford and Addison mines are the principal claims of the Goodspring Mining Company, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The workings on the Milford claim (No. 70, pl. 30) lie on the north slope and those of the Addison claim on the south slope of a prominent ridge 9 miles in a direct line and 17 miles by road southwest of Goodsprings. The Milford claim had been located under several names as early as 1891, but the present name was given in 1904, when it was located by Jesse Jones. About 1906, when the old shaft was 90 feet deep, it was sold for $5,000. In 1910 it was bought for $12,000 by Jesse Knight and associates who formed the Goodsprings Mining Company. Most of the work since 1917 has been done by C.L. and J.A. Hyde.

The total production is estimated to be around 3,370 tons of ore, which 381 tons were lead. The principal exploration on the Milford claim is an inclined shaft 380 feet deep on the slope, which has an inclination of 35 degrees for 280 feet and of 29 degrees for the lower 100 feet. There are four levels. A wire rope tramway delivers ore from the bins at the shaft to ore bins 500 feet below.

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The main adit is sealed.

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