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The Monarch Mine is one of several mines in the Spruce Mountain complex, as depicted in the above topo map illustration.

To learn more about the Spruce Mountain Mining District, and the Monarch Mine, click on this link Spruce Mountain. This article from Shawn Hall's web site is the most extensive and best that I have read about this area.

Click on the links below to view photos of other Mines/Townsites that I have visited in the Sprucemont Mining District:

Ada H. Mine

Badger Lead Mine

Black Forest Mine


Latham (Kille) Mine


Mill foundations.

The mine shafts in this area are extremely dangerous due to rotting timbers from extensive moisture in the ground. This mine shaft has a steel cage security door blocking further entry - about 20-30 feet in from the entrance

Blacksmith shop?

I believe this is the explosives storage bunker.



Trying out my new pantry/table and refrigerator set-up. They worked really well.



This snowdrift blocked the road above the Monarch Mine in early June. I returned in late August to explore more, and I still probably need one more trip (in 2012) to see all that there is to see here.

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