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The two higher tailing piles in the distance.

The Oro Amigo Platino Mining Company owns a group of four claims (No. 20, pl. 30) that covers some low hills south of the mouth of Keystone Wash, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. Three claims were located in June, 1905, and the fourth in 1917. There was some exploration from an upper tunnel in the early days, but most of the work, including the lower tunnel, 600 feet long, was done after the incorporation of the company in 1916. The only production has been a single car of copper ore, shipped in 1917.

Don't confuse this mine with the 30-foot prospect hole alongside the road to the Keystone and Chiquita mines - the GPS coordinates listed on many mine-listing sites are wrong. The actual Oro Amigo Mine has over 1000 feet of tunneling and two levels.

The mine consists of three adits and shafts. Two of the adits are higher up on the hillside, and there is another adit at the base of the hill. The lower adit is sealed, but the two higher up ones are open.

Glossary of Terms

The lower adit

The lower adit is sealed.

The lower tailing pile of the two higher mine openings.

Ore cart rails exiting the adit.

Entering the lower adit.


I'm not sure what these are, but they look electrical - maybe a resistor bank, or heat sink of some kind.

Why do people have to leave their trash in these mines?

A winze, which looks like it goes down to another level - I don't go down old ladders.

End of the shaft.

A very deep (as far as my eye could see) winze (at the very end of the shaft).

Looking down at the lower of the two higher mine openings.

Upper mine adit.

I didn't proceed any further because of this winze, and the precarious difficulty getting around it.
Note the green sheen of copper present along the wall.

Exiting the upper adit.




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