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Standing on the mine site looking north.

The Picture Rock mine is in the Goodsprings Mining District, located about 8-miles southeast of Sandy Valley in Clark County. The mine appears to be more of a quarry than a hard-rock mine, as no adit(s) were found. I could not find any information as to what minerals were being mined here. The mineral being mined could have been pyrolusite, which is a mineral consisting essentially of manganese dioxide. Its most popular form is its dendritic habit that forms wonderfully detailed, fern-like patterns on the surfaces of rocks such as sandstone. These dendrites are so amazing that they have often been mistaken for fossil plants. The faux fossil slabs is probably where the mine name "Picture Rock Mine" most likely was derived from.

Glossary of Terms

The layered rock, which was probably mined in slabs.

Pyrolusite patterns in the ancient sandstone - looks very much like old sea bed fossils.

A view of the valley from the mine road.




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