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The Prairie Flower claim (No. 11, pl. 30) is 4 miles northwest of Goodsprings and half a mile northeast of the Yellow Pine mine, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The mine is actually physically connected to the Yellow Pine mine.

The mine was located in 1901, but little work was done before 1908, when, with the Solio claim, it was sold to S.E. Yount and W.E. Allen for $6,000. They began work and, after striking lead ore within a few weeks, sold it to Jesse Knight and Alonzo D. Hyde for $12,000. The Prairie Flower Mining Company was formed, and the ore body was explored to a depth of 110 feet from the old shaft. During 1909 and 1910 the company produced 10 carloads of high grade lead ore and about 30 carloads of oxidized zinc ore, 1,314 tons in all. From September, 1911, to 1913 it was leased to G. Meacham R. Duncan, and J.A. Frederickson, who sank the shaft to 300 feet, and mined 203 tons of lead and zinc ore. In 1917, under lease to the Prairie Flower Leasing Co., the new or Hale shaft, several hundred feet south of the old shaft, was sunk to 200 feet and drifts run north and south. In 1923, the shaft was sunk to 400 feet, and crosscuts were run from east and west. Early in 1927, the 400-foot level east was connected by a raise with the old Prairie Flower shaft. Sometime after this, the mine ownership transferred to the Yellow Pine Mining Company.

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Hale shaft.

Hale shaft.




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