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The group of claims owned by the Root Zinc Mining Company (No. 50, pl. 30) cover the north slope of Bonanza Hill, 8 miles southwest of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. One of the claims was located as early as 1893, and it is reported that some ore was shipped at that time, but the principal claims of the present group were located in 1900 and 1901.

On Bonanza Hill there are a larger number of workings that have been a source of ore in a small area than in any other part of the district. The most productive part of the ridge lies north of the crest, but there are also many prospects south of it. Lead and zinc were the main ores removed from these Bonanza Hill mines. The mining camp of Bonanza resided here in the early 1900s, and the camp even had a school in 1916. The area is now referred to as Root, and since 1937 the property has been leased and operated by Roy Jacobson and Ralph Hamilton of Goodsprings.

Total production of crud ore from these claims is estimated to be around 2,575 tons.

Glossary of Terms

A narrow 4WD road leads partway up the hill, and then one must hike the remainder.

The Bonanza hillside is pock-marked with many adits and tailing piles.

An old ore bucket

Head frame and winch system.

If you venture into these tunnels beware of the vertical shafts like this one.

I believe this is the explosives storeroom because of the wood door, and it is not very deep.

This adit has a precarious vertical shaft directly in front.
I didn't enter because of this and the unstable boards across.

By the size of the tailing pile, I would venture to guess this was the main shaft.

Main shaft adit.

Be careful entering this adit - that hole on the left is a deep vertical shaft.

Another tailing pile and ore chute up the hill.

Remains of the tram system

This adit, at the base of Bonanza Mountain, is listed as Sample Site 1145.

Sample Site 1145 has been marked and classified by the BLM, which means it will be sealed soon.

Bank of three ore chutes - the great shape of the wood indicates this mining operation is not very old.

Another ore chute in Sample Site 1145 shaft.




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