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The mining on Ruby Hill goes back to 1864, when the Eureka Consolidated Mining Company began operations. This particular mill appears to be a later version, probably built after the turn of the century possibly as late as the early 1940s.

WEBMASTER NOTE: When I was in Eureka recently, I went looking for the old Ruby Hill Mine and Mill. As you can see, I found it. No one was around, and there was no sign postings of "No trespassing" on the front gate, so I went ahead and entered the site. After taking a few photographs (outside only) of the buildings, I decided to leave after observing postings on several of the individual buildings. Therefore, I did not explore the whole complex - these few photos were all I got. Someday it would be nice to get a chance to explore this vast complex more, but first I need to find out who the owner is and try to obtain their permission to explore it in more depth. By looking at some of the neatly arranged ouside exhibits, it looks like it is set up for tours, but there is no posting indicating such.

The door to this power plant building was left ajar, so I just took a couple photographs through the door opening.
I did not enter the building as it was posted.

I would have liked to have explored these old buildings more, but the road leading to them was posted.

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