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Sandy Valley is located in the Mesquite Valley in west-central Clark County. Sandy Valley has variant name of Sandy, Nevada. The population was 1,804 at the 2000 census. Sandy Valley is bordered on the East by the southern extension of the Spring Mountains and on the west by the California state line. Sandy Valley began in the 19th century as the five mining communities of Kingston, Sandy, Ripley, Mesquite, and Platina. The community is located about 45-miles from Las Vegas.

Sandy Valley features open space and larger parcels than the rapidly expanding Las Vegas Valley. Many horse owners find the valley particularly attractive with places to ride straight from home. There are a handful of large (in terms of land area) ranches and farms in the valley. They include turf farms, and Sandy Valley Ranch (a guest ranch).


A bighorn sheep sculpture alongside the highway leading down into Sandy Valley.

The hills and mountains around Sandy Valley are pock-marked with old mines.

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