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Singer Mine is the upper tailing pile. The lower mine is the Tiffin Mine.

The Singer claim (No. 52, pl. 30) covers the east end of a low hill 7 miles southeast of Goodsprings, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County. The claim was located in 1892 by four men, including W.E. Singer. In 1907, after a little work was done and two cars of ore were shipped, it was bought for $5,000 by Judge Erskine Ross, of Los Angeles, and J.H. Polk. It was operated by the Howard Mines Company under lease during 1913 and 1914; by S.E. Yount and O.J. Fisk from 1916 to 1918; and by J.O. Frederickson and P.H. Springer in 1920.

The workings include the main tunnel near the base of the ridge and several shorter tunnels 200 feet higher, the longest of which is 125 feet long. The principal tunnel is about 300 feet long, and the west branch terminates in a shaft 90 feet deep at an inclination of 45 degrees to 50 degrees.

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Looking down on the Tiffen Mine.




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