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The Sultan group of 12 claims (No. 54, pl. 30) lies along the east slope of the prominent ridge a mile north of Little Devil Peak, in the Goodsprings Mining District, in Clark County Nevada. The Sultan claim, which has yielded most of the ore, was located in 1896 by W.R. Sloane, but little work was done before 1910. Most of the ore was shipped from 1916 to 1918. Since 1919, the mine has been intermittently active. In 1941 Roy Jacobson resumed operations, and since 1943 he and Ralph Hamilton have held the property under lease from mary E. Robbins, the present owner. A dry concentrating mill was erected in 1916. Total production from this claim is 2,446 tons of crude zinc ore and 1,289 tons of crude lead ore. Gross value was about $200,000.

The Sultan mill, erected in 1916, is 500 feet east of the mouth of the main tunnel. As received from the mine the ore was delivered to three bins, from which it was passed over 1-1/4 inch screens. the coarse material was sorted to yield a smelting product; the undersize was crushed first in a jaw crusher and then in rolls and elevated to screens. Classified material was delivered to a Stebbins dry concentration table.

The Sultan mine has explored several bodies of zinc and lead ore in an area about 200 by 700 feet.

Glossary of Terms

Beware of the vertical shafts - the first step is a doozy!

Vertical shaft zoom in.

Sealed vertical shaft.

There are three shaft adits branching off from this central opening.


View from top of mine.




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