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The Whale group of seven claims (No. 38, pl. 30) lies 6 miles west of Goodsprings, about half a mile north of Sandy Valley, in Clark County. The Whale claim was first located in 1904 by Jesse Jones, who sold it to Addison Bybee for $227. It was relocated by Frank Tursick and Frank Miller in 1909, but for several years only assessment work was done. In 1915-1916 two cars of zinc ore were mined and shipped from a 75-foot shaft in the gulch 750 feet from the main tunnel. The upper shaft is 75 feet deep with drifts at the bottom. In an area 400 by 600 feet around the Whale main tunnel there are at least 12 short tunnels and shafts - with one shaft being 60 feet deep. These tunnels explore sporadically distributed small veins.

Glossary of Terms

This ore loader appears to have been purposedly collapsed by placing a cable around the structure.

Main tunnel adit, which is sealed.




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